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NGMI is a not-for-profit organization whose primary objective is lending support to Ghanaian pastors working among unreached people groups. In order to help facilitate a mutual partnership of ministry and encouragement, a stateside team is necessary. Katie Campbell and Steph Saufley are co-directors for this organization and they have teamed up with like-minded individuals in an effort to plan and strategize more efficiently with the Ghana team, who you can meet by clicking here.

Board of Directors

Tim & Katie



Tim & Katie Campbell are happily married with four crazy kids...all boys! They are avid fans of Star Wars, the beach,  and international food. They love the Lord deeply and host multiple Bible studies in their home. And of course, they love Ghana and the unreached. Katie is NGMI's co-director, which she does in addition to running their very full household. She's the finance expert of the organization. Tim works full-time at Hershey Chocolate of Virginia and  is an active NGMI board member. 


Steph Luna is recently married and works as a full-time psychiatric RN at a state facility in Virginia. She is energetic and passionate about missions and church planting in regions where the church doesn't yet exist. She has worked as a full-time missionary to Venezuela in the past, speaks Spanish (which doesn't help in Ghana), and has recently started training for half marathons. She loves Jesus and beef jerky, in that order. 



Stephanie Ballew is also happily married and also a mother to four amazing kids...two boys and two girls. In addition to keeping her family going, she works as an office manager at Tasso Counseling ( She has led teen trips to Puerto Rico, traveled to Ghana multiple times, and visited multiple other countries in Christian missions. She loves chocolate and french fries, but would never dip a fry in a Frosty. 


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